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Vision and action plan:


S. No.


Action plan


Improvement in loco utilisation by 5% every year.

Monitoring of Goods trains for its maximum permissible speed.


Maintaining PDD @30" or below at DGG and 45" or below at NGP.

After taking over charge LP to give ready within 5” and reviewing of TO if required.


Reduction of long hours working by 5% every year

1. ALP booked at NGP yard to relieve incoming crew at NGP yard in up direction.

2. Five Road vehicles have been hired for transportation of crew from lobby to various Stations, sidings and vice-versa.

3.Posted 11 sets of Electric crew at ‘G’.

4. Regular monitoring of long hours duty by loco controllers & arrangement of relief if required.


Reduction of running staff OT hours by 5% every year.

By close monitoring of crew booking through FIFO in first week and progressive hrs. in second week of the spell.


Maintaining nil status of loco failures on crew account every year.

By improving counselling skills of CLIs’.


Maintaining nil status of accident cases on crew account every year.

By improving counselling skills of CLIs’.


Reduction of punctuality loss cases by 5% every year.

By regular footplate to maintain maximum permissible speed.


UP gradation of 10% C&B running staff to A category every year.

By regular counselling to LPs’ and ALPs’ for their improvement for their improvement in the trouble shooting skills and safety awareness.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 19-09-2015