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 Divisional Engineering training school is imparting training to Grass root safety staff such Trackman, Keyman, Gate Keeper, Mate
1Name of the training InstituteDivisional Engineer(P.Way),Training School SECR, Dongargarh
2Location of the TrainingInstitution.At Dongargarh, District - Rajnandgaon, State -Chattisgarh, 1/2 Km away from Dongargarh Railway station.
3Date of setting up20.05.1995
4Recognised byRailway Board
5Training centre (School)Two storied
a) Total Area of Training Instutition (In Acres )0.48 Acrea( 1887.90 Sq.m)
b) Total covered area347.90 Sqm.
c) Total Open Area1540.00 Sqm
d) Model RoomAvailable of size 7.30 mtr x 5.70 mtr
e) ToiletsAvailable separately for Ladies and Gents
f) Over Head ProjectorsAvailable -1
g) Flip Chart BoardAvailable - 1
h) TV / Projection TVAvailable - 1
i) PCAvailable - 1
j) PrinterAvailable - 1
6Details of Instructure 
i) NameSri P.K.Mukherjee
ii) DesignationSSE/P.Way (Instructor)
iii) Contact No.9730078229
7Objectives of Training Institutiona) Track Maintenance & Safety rules
b) Safety of Track, Train, Public and Personal Safety.
c) Track Modernisation
d) Safety awareness.
8Broad Category of staff beingtrainedi)Trackman
ii) Trolleyman
iii)Gate Keepers
iv) Mate
v) Keyman
9Capacity Utilisation910 Trainee seats per annum
10Course conducteda) Induction
b) Refresher
c) Promotional
d) Basic.
11Library (Books available)Technical relaed 15 P.Way maintenance and safety matter books.
12Initial Training durationa) Induction= 24 Days for trackman, 18 days for Gate Keepers.
b) Promotion = 18 days for Mate.
C) Basic =18 days for Keyman
13Refresher training durationOnce in 5 years.
i) Trackman= 12 days
ii) Keyman = 12 days
iii)Mate= 12 days
iv) Gate Keeper = 6 days
14Facilities available at Training schoolUpkeep of Training Schook, Hostel, Preparation and serving of food to occupant, washing of bed roll and up keep of Lawn through contractual agency.
15Dining HallAvailable with 20 seating capacity
16Medical Facilities availableAvailable
a) Railway Health Centre, Dongargarh,1/2 Km away from Training school.
B) Other Public / private / Hospital, 1 Km away from Training school.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-09-2015