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                                           Important Assets

·The division has Broad guage-61, Narrow gauge 3, (Closed for GC-26), 19 Goods shed, 7 Assisted siding, 11 Private sidings and 2 Railway Sidings.


·Control Office : this is the nerve center of trains operation. The control office monitors all aspects of trains movement. It mainly consists of Sectional boards manned by Sectional Controllers who control trains movement on realtime basis through the stations, the Dy.CHC and Chief Controller for overall superintendence.


·Control office has under it various sub-controls of technical/ maintenance wings which give valuable inputs that aid smooth and safe train running. Such sub-controls also cater to any technical eventuality or emergency situations by advising section controllers and through them to the SMs and concerned field units to resolve and restore operations.


Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 14-03-2017