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Achievements upto June’2015


Closure of Audit Reports : 5 Auditmeetings havebeenheld upto July’15 .
20 Audit report (1 special letter , 7 AIR PT I reports and12 Pt II )have been closed upto July’15

Total63 paras have been closed upto July’15


Financial Savings : Owing to the critical scrutiny of bills and proposals ,savings to the tune of Rs. 12.33 croreshave been achieved upo July’15

Bills recoverable: Timely raising of bills and realisation thereof is ensured.Total realisationupto 31.7.15 is Rs 81.13 lakhs which is 39.8 % of Opening balance & accretion together.

Administrationsection :

  • Pass module in AFRES has been started.
  • Digitisation of service records.
  • Leave moduleupdated and implemented successfully.
  • RTI –Maintenance of liaison with other sections for clearing RTI cases timely.

Source : South East Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 05-09-2015